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>> this is one student who will be affected. >> working full time to save money. and i'm probably going to have to get more loans out. >> the regents said it's needed to maintain the reputation of the uc system. >> we'll protect the quality of this. we'll not lose faculty or top administrators buz bauz you've deserted the university. >> the impact just sends us down the road of saying we're prepared to let our quality erode. >> this is a first time money collected from tuition will be more than what the state is contributing. it was a different picture four years ago in 2007, tuition was 6500s oodz and there is a 5-year-old boy hurt this afternoon after he fell
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out of a second story window. the mother said she heard her child maying with the window screen and when she twont investigate, he had already fallen. the child is expected to be okay. >> and firefighters contained a large grass fire. the fire burned just more than 400 acres west of grant line road first reported about 1:15 this afternoon. officials say 30 miles per hour winds made it difficult to control it. and no structures burned. investigators say the fifr was started by a downed power line from one of the wind mills in that area. >> and sky 7 shows you most-recent life and death situation in marin county. a wave swept three teenagers into tennessee cove near muir beach left a 17-year-old girl in critical condition. laura anthony joins us with more.
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laura? >> hi. cheryl. that 17-year-old is still in intensive care in an area hospital. this coastline is certainly beautiful. but the wave action is powerful and can be very dangerous. >> i found the boyfriend dragging his girlfriend out of the surf by the arm. she appeared to be unconscious. >> southern marin fire fighter described what it's like as and he others rescued a 17-year-old grirl a beach wednesday afternoon. >> 10, 8 to 10 foot waves off the shore breaking on to rocks and there is no beach to stand on. we were able to get her out to a rock but when helicopters came overhead they were throwing rocks on top of us. >> at one point, the equipment was washed out to sea by a large wave. much like the one that apparently surprised the three teenagers. a fourth man, a good samaritan, in his 40s was helped to
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safety. wednesday's rescue was near where another 17-year-old alicia scott lee fell to her death in march of last year. >> she fell off a cliff in the same region. again it was teenagers out, sort of partying in the area. and not being aware of their surroundings. >> and wednesday afternoon, the teenager was caught in a rip tide. >> they'll channel water then go out in a section and pull out. some can be very short. 100 yards, some can go out for a quarter mile. >> this tourist from the east coast says rip tides are common. >> i have struggled against the notion and it is panicky feeling but i think it must have relaxed because i got in. >> a former life guard, jim o'conner is grateful. we can help save a life this time. >> very gratrying for myself and the rest of the members that were on the call.
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>> rodeo beach is dangerous and people have been swept from rocks and best advice is that only beach for swimming with lifeguards is stintson beach. another advice is people come here near the water. and and i'm laura anthony abc 7 news. >> and there are changes after a local doctor was killed in a traffic accident. >> i am expecting someone to get killed in front of my house too,. >> that crash involved a big rig and a shuttle driving employees to san francisco general hospital. they collided in oak street during the commute. and a 52-year-old psychiatrist was ejected from the shuttle and died from injuries.
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he was an expert in psychotic disorders. three other people were hurt. one resident says that intersection is dangerous. >> this car will not stop. red light comes on, they're going through it. it's like really dangerous in front of my house, too. i have called city hall. the neighborhood called. no one will listen to us. >> and city supervisor says he heard a lot of complaints about traffic in that area and says the city commissioned a study of traffic pattern there's. >> police trying to identify the body of a woman found burning on a street in an upscale neighborhood. neighbors reported something burning in the middle of ivan hoe road around 4:30 this morning. and firefighters called police immediately. investigators believe it was dumped there, then set on fire. and upsetting news for residents in this peaceful part of town. >> body on fire? oh, my gosh.
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>> i'm just shocked. this is a quiet neighborhood. and you know... find bodies on streets? >> a reward sk offered fofr information in this case. >> and a new bill could make it a crime to make it -- not report a child's disappearance or death. casey anthony was acquitted in the murder of her 2-year-old girl. she was found guilty of lying to police after waiting nearly a month before telling anyone caylee was missing. california legislatures want to make sure something like that does not happen here. >> so this is something i think that has to be addressed because of what happened in the trial. and i'm not going rehash the trial or anything like that. but i think everybody wa was -- that i've talked to are very, very concerned about this. >> if passes it will be a
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felony to fail to report a child death within two hours or macing child within 48 hours, similar bills pending in 17 states. casey anthony will be released on sunday. >> san francisco's former interim chief is about to get a new job on the other side of the bay. oakland police chief says he plans to fire jeff godown and he will be the oakland police department's deputy chief of police. and he ran the department's comp stat crime tracking program. >> all lanes are open now but a permanent fix for a giant sink hole that opened up on a south bay freeway this morning is go owing to take more work. there is that hole near west virginia street. crews say the recent rains may
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to be blame. after working throughout the morning and better part of the day, caltrans managed to open lanes to traffic and. >> we anticipate there is going to be a second phaseness troy fix this so it doesn't happen again that. will involve replacing concrete slabs. >> and drivers can expect to see some lane closures during that time. >> 55 more people joined a lawsuit against pg&e seeking damages. more than 90 families are now suing and claim pg&e could have prevented the tragedy. and the people suing include folks injured and others whose homes were destroyed or severely damaged. so far, investigators believe that shoddy welds in the pipes caused it to explode. >> and the girlfriend of a man
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suspected in the brutal beating of a san francisco giants fan is? n.jail, questioned by l.a. police at one point after the beating and is now charged with trafficking drugs after being arrested in las vegas casino. >> she was arrested saturday, and allegedly was found in possession of methamphetamine and a weapon. she told defense attorneys on the day the giants fan was beaten at kojer stadium, the man the lapd drz a prime suspect was home with her. he is in jail on parole violation charges but the chief called ramirez a prime suspect in this case. he sent detectives to las vegas owe interview ramirez girlfriend. the woman he considers a witness in the brian stow case. >> she is a witness in this investigation. and that is yet to be determined. a woman with a child in the car is seen driving a man
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witnesses say was ramirez away from the scene. officials say it's not known if that is the woman. approximately 5.6 grams of get mean, possession of controlled substance with intent to sell and possession of a dangerous weapon, a switch blade knife. ramirez's attorney, i asked him if charges against the girlfriend would rob her of credibility if ramirez is ever charged in the beating. >> there is no case and secondly, most of my clients are roman catholic nuns every once in a while i get someone who isn't. doesn't mean she didn't give a truthful statement. >> and he says there is one of 0 more witnesses that the defense has who would be willing to testify ramirez was not at dodger stadium. the chief says he considers ramirez the prime suspect and charges related to this beating will be brought.
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but today he wasn't as definite in statements. >> this investigation goes where it goes. you know? this is a complicated inquiry that has a lot of aspects to it that make it difficult to draw determinations. >> and brian stow continues to recover from severe brain injuries at san francisco general hospital. the family reports he opened his mouth when a nurse said she's going to take his temperature this week and say he focuses on tv in his room when turned on. and the relief pitcher and the doctor in los angeles have visited him during past few days. >> california businesses want amazon to pay its fair share. amazon filed a petition to let voters decide whether to overturn a law forcing online retailers to collect sales tax. today, claiming their harming
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california and asking for an unfair advantage. >> amazon has, well... declared war on california, on california's economic recovery. and california's struggling unemployment rate and california businesses. >> the businesses claim they just can't compete with amazon and the tax requirement for retailers was included in the state budget tonight in june and expands the definition of having a physical presence in the state. >> and coming up, from 7 on your side, new bureau designed to protect us? so why are lawmakers fighting it? >> that is coming up. and disturbing details about what oez was apparently plotting for the 10th anniversary of september 11th. >> and i'm sandhya patel, temperatures inching up for a change incoming days. i'll be back to tell you more about a warmer forecast coming up.
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plus internet put information just a click away but its changing what we choose to store in memory banks.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >> and oez was planning offenses against the news on the anniversary of september 11th according to documents obtained in may during that siege on the al qaeda lead years residence in pakistan. the wall street journal reports the plot was in early planning stages. u.s. intelligence authorities have long suspected al qaeda prefers to carry out terrorist attacks on dates where w.a symbolic significance. >> the fbi opened an investigation into whether rupert murdock's news corps tried to hack into phones of september 11th victims. news corps has been hit with
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allegation that's serl several british newspapers hacked into phones of thousands of people and bribed police and several members of congress want this investigation. >> the law says any u.s. corporation that bribes a foreign official is subject to severe penalties not only fine buzz criminal penalties. >> today murdock defended the way the company handled the crisis. and that paper is one murdock own autos the corner zone of the consumer protection bill is set to be launched in just a week. >> you foe the consumer financial protection bureau is clouded in controversy. and. >> republicans don't like this thing them think there is too much power, they're trying to reign in that power. and there is president ob yaupa
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hasn't even nominated a director yet. the agency's director told congress consumers should be able to get products that are easy to understand. >> we're opposed to complicated forms and fine print. we believe they did not help consumers and do not work for responsible lenders happy to have their products compared head to head in a competitive market. >> and they're asked about what products agencies might ban. we've reported about a restaurant in pennsylvania banning children under six years of age. now it looks like this is a growing trend. this is mcdane's restaurant outside pittsburgh. the own jerz crying babies can ruin a night out. starting this weekend, kids under six no longer allowed in his restaurant. >> nothing against the babies
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but... their chief means of communicating is crying and it disturbs others. >> boy not go to a restaurant like that. >> it's unfair! we're just kids! >> turns out restaurants from new york to north carolina and a movie theater in pennsylvania, they must be loud in pens are also shutting out babies and malaysia airlines won't let babies in first class citing complaints from high-paying customers. >> that is cute. >> we're just kids, come on. >> and and listen to this. daily internet searches could be giving you something called google brain. and there is a study find search enins change the we i we remember information, scientists say our brains now rely on the internet for memory and we're remembering less simply knowing where that can be found. we're more likely to remember things we believe are not available online.
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>> and i think the same thing about gps. you don't have owe to know about where you're going anymore. >> just randomly drive where gou. >> and sandhya always knows where she's going. >> and there is an upward direction so we're looking at a warming trend that is going to get underway into weekend. there is a live picture showing you sunshine out there for a change. we've been seeing more sun today, you can see it here from santa cruz. and the gray skies this morning cleared away across many parts of the bay area. there is 60s and 70s across the board. and there is areas of low clouds overnight looking at sunny skies for friday afternoon.
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and warming begins this weekend. and we'll be returning to normal next week so there is some clouds around and there is drier air and clouds are clearing out. it's why many of you enjoying sun for a change. there is cloudy again, low clouds and upper 40s to mid-50s tonight. you'll start out with gray skies thchl is an area of low pressure that is finally shifting inland. and and it's been parked here for days, the cloud cover is slowly moving out now so as it moves out, marine layer that has been so deep will start to become shallower and we'll see temperatures responding each
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and every day. it's go tok a modest warm up. and there is another area that is going to drop down so as it drops down this will reinforce a troughing so expect modest warming. highs for friday, 71 in san jose. 70 degrees in santa clara. 68 in sunnyvale. sunny skies upper 60s around redwood city. and 66 in san ma dayo upper 60s to low 50s near the coast. and there are temperatures that may drop a degree or two. daily city, 59 degrees and there is downtown san francisco, 62 degrees and normals into mid to upper 70s for santa rosa and east bay communities. 65 oakland and 67 degrees in union city. heading inland it's going to be a mild, sunny after the foon. 71 in walnut creek.
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and there is livermore up to 72 degrees, and up to 76 inland in morgan hill. here is a look at the accu-weather forecast. upper 50s slight upward trend. there is a gradual trend heading into the weekend. and upper 50s to low 60s along the coastline. and there is tuesday, wednesday, 90s inland. 60s at the coast. a good spread in temperatures and that is when we'll get back to average at this time of the year. >> and thank you. >> and still ahead... the loot found in the home of picasso thief suspect showing his penchant for the good life. >> that is coming up. then, beware next time you park your car. the man who takes your money could be a fake. and this one picked the wrong
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driver thorkts say to rip off that. is at 6:00. back in a moment.
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the man suspected of stealing a picasso last week may have committed similar crimes in the past. police say they found $500,000 worth of stolen art in the apartment of this man. the 30-year-old will be arraigned tomorrow on the san francisco robbery. among items found in his apartment was another etching valued at $350,000 taken in fr a gallery in manhattan. police say it was just hanging on walls and laying about his apartment. >> and governor brown signed
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landmark legislation that will bring gay history lessons to california public schools. it will require public schools to include the contributions of gays and lesbians. conservative groups argue it would expose students to a sbt some parents find objectionananananananananananan├║
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must at 6:00 unsolved -- unsolved murder of an oakland restaurant owner expelling neighbors to fight back. >> if you don't want night time parking meters around the city... this one? >> yes. >> was he lying or misinformed? a movement tonight to involume val date a local reform initiative z sucked by a door to door vacuum cleaner salesman what. your rights are if you want to back out of the purc.
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